Previous main shareholder of the IMA Schelling Group – The LEGRO Group GmbH – has spun off the shares in IMA Schelling, MAWERA (wood combustion plants) and AAT (biogas plants) from the group and split them into three independent companies. 

Wolfgang Rohner, Stefan Gritsch and Guenther Lehner – among other shareholders – continue to be major partners in the three companies. 

Maximilian and Guenther Lehner have increased their shareholding in IMA Schelling Group to 56.6% and thus take over the majority of the company. 

The LEGRO Group GmbH will be further developed and is looking for additional commitments in the wood and materials industry as well as sustainable energy solutions.

IMA Schelling Group said the restructuring sent a clear signal for continuity and stability, as well as open up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Group technology expertise covers cutting, drilling, edge processing and material logistics solutions.