Locations thus include loading and unloading systems for pressing lines, whether single- or multi-opening or continuous, and further on in the cooling section of the line. Trimming and cutting lines, finishing lines, automated pick and place systems and special lines for all panel types are catered for by EMG’s product range. When it comes to laminating lines, the company’s products again come into their own, providing loading and unloading systems with pickers, and vacuum systems for handling and turning surfaced boards without damage to the faces. EMG also has a patented system for high-speed infeeding of thin panels, called MOD SD ‘sequential feeding device for single panels from a stack’. Thanks to this machine, EMG says, it has solved the problem of sending each panel to the production lines (sanding, calibrating, painting, cutting, pressing, selecting and stocking) without jamming or superimposition of the boards.
Strapping lines supplied by the company incorporate chain conveyors to feed the panels into a stack in the strapping area and another to take the stacks of panels away after strapping. A more unusual product offered by EMG is the punching press line, which is composed of a vacuum de-stacker to receive the panel from the infeeding pinch-roller and send it to the punching press pinch-roller. Next comes the infeed roller conveyor to receive the panel from the infeed pinch-roller and send it to the punching press pinch-roller. This is followed by an eccentric-shaft drilling press, then an idle roller conveyor to permit the panel to maintain the punching press working speed and to accelerate the boards at the end of the work cycle. Finally comes the stacker, which builds up the punched panels into a stack. Automated warehouses are also part of the product range. At the top end of this range, we are talking multi-level robot-accessed shelving systems which are supplied to a variety of industries and can be designed to suit the specific needs of the customer, like all EMG’s products.
There are three main divisions within EMG. Woodworking is the main part of the business and the one in which it first started. Steel sheet handling systems for polishing lines, for example, are also supplied, based on the expertise gained in handling materials in the woodworking industry. Still in its final development stages, the third division will be in cartridge filling lines for the munitions industry – again an offshoot of the company’s handling experience gained in the wood industry. "One of our principal markets for the panel industry is South America, where we have a number of customers, including Eucatex, Duratex, Berneck and Tafisa," said Marco Conzadori, manager of EMG. "All our production is exported and we deal direct with the customers – we always maintain this close relationship. While South America is an important market for us, we also have customers all over the world."
Mr Conzadori and his father handle the commercial side of the business and there are six engineers employed in the design/technical department which is equipped with the latest computer aided design (CAD) programs. "Everything is made to a specific order and we have never made two plants the same – we call ourselves the ‘specialist in specialised plants’," said Mr Conzadori. "Our plants are all designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week without maintenance and we are used to working to those standards with some very big clients." In order to ensure that its roller conveyors meet those demanding standards, EMG makes its own rollers in-house. "They last much longer that way. It is important to remember that careful handling of panels is important to our customers as damaged panels mean lost production time," he said.