The project was focused on a CO2- neutral philosophy, featuring energy from photovoltaics and biomass, as well as district heating from the immediate neighbourhood. 

“Our company is investing more than 100 million euros in the new Eschbach im Breisgau location and has created around 70 new jobs to date,” said Gutex managing director Claudio Thoma.

“I am sure that our factory in Eschbach will further improve Gutex’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality wood fibre insulation materials.”

The factory in the Breisgau industrial park is Gutex’s second plant. It is located a short distance to the company headquarters in Waldshut-Tiengen and to the company's key core markets, which include Germany, France and Switzerland. 

It also is near to the wood resources that Gutex sources from the Black Forest, Switzerland and, in the future, also from the Vosges.

The factory started test production in October/November 2023, with 70 employees working three shifts, before ramping up output at the start of 2024.

Gutex believes the use of green electricity, biomass, district heating and steam recycling, sets new environmental standards in the industry. 

“Even years ago, when gas was much cheaper than district heating, we decided on the new technology concept and the goal of CO2-neutral production,” said operations manager Oliver Bauch. 

An innovative silo system for storing wood chips complements the sustainable overall concept of the new production site.

Wood was also used a building material in the factory structures wherever fire protection regulations permitted it. Gutex insulation panels are installed on more than 3,700 square meters of facade area.