Grant Forest Products Inc, which has been under court bankruptcy protection in Canada since June, could be on the verge of having a new owner, with local sources and media linking its name with that of Georgia-Pacific LLC (GP), Forestweb reports.

Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins-James Bay in Ontario, voiced concerns in October over a possible takeover of Grant by Koch Industries through Atlanta-based GP, which Koch acquired in 2005 for US$21bn, The NetNews Ledger reported at the time.

Mr Angus said the Canadian government should block a takeover of the Earlton, Ontario, based OSB producer unless GP clarified what plans it may have for the company, what level of investment it might make in Grant, and what job protections would be put in place.

“Until these questions are answered, the Canadian government has an obligation to ensure that the deal doesn’t go through,he said.