Italian panel saw manufacturer Giben, Italy, has made a dramatic entry to the Chinese market in 2008.
The company has supplied two saw lines to panel maker Yingang. One was shipped in august 2008 to Yingang’s mill in Sichuan province and the second is due to be shipped at the end of this year, to Hubei.
Giben has also sold a line to Senlan Wood, Sichuan and to Taishan Weihua for delivery this year; and to Xianglin for delivery in 2009.
l Giben won the Challengers Award at the IWF exhibition in Atlanta, US in August. The award, for innovation, was for the company’s Giben ZERO system in which the saw’s motor no longer travels with the saw but is located in the base of the machine. Giben also won the Challengers Award in 2000.