The company, a plywood and MDF producer based in Paragominas in the central northern state of Pará, aims to manufacture a form of HDF to complement its laminated MDF panels, sold mainly in north eastern Brazil. It is reported to be considering expanding capacity to 540,000m3/year.

It set up its subsidiary Floraplac MDF and started panel output in 2010 with the launch of its existing Chinese built Dieffenbacher/SWPM 12-daylight batch line in Paragominas. The line, producing board with a fibre mixture of eucalypt and the tropical hardwood paricá, today has a nominal capacity of around 220,000m3/year.

Since 2010 the firm has expanded its melamine laminating capacity and has established a significant share of Brazil’s growing north eastern market with raw and finished panels.

In recent weeks, Floraplac MDF unveiled a range of 15 new-finished board products including woodgrain designs. Floraplac is the biggest grower of the native hardwood paricá with 30,000ha of plantations in northern Brazil.