The EUTR entered into force in March 2013 and aims to reduce illegal logging worldwide. Essentially the regulation makes it a crime to utilise illegally harvested timber and timber products within the EU market.

The Regulation covers a variety of timber products including sawn and machined wood, composite boards such as fibreboard, particleboard and plywood and veneering sheets, together with non-upholstered office, kitchen and bedroom furniture.
The EUTR prohibits the placing on to the EU market of illegally harvested timber and timber products. It requires companies that place timber or products on the market for the first time to exercise due diligence to make sure they are from a legal source. To facilitate the traceability of timber and products, the EUTR also requires traders, people who buy or sell timber products on the EU market to keep records of their suppliers and customers.
As such, the aim of FIRA’s EUTR course is to help organisations affected by the regulation to adopt practices to ensure timber and timber products they are involved with are compliant, by providing delegates with a key understanding of the requirements of EUTR. Details: