The Spanish wood-based panel manufacturer will retrofit an EVOjet P and three PROjet gluing systems at its Nelas production facility.

Two PROjet systems will help reduce glue consumption in MDF production. Another PROjet and an EVOjet P will be used in a line that produces boards with a particleboard core layer covered top and bottom by MDF surface layers.

The PROjet will be used in surface-layer gluing, whereas the EVOjet P will be deployed for the core layer.

“We’ll achieve high glue savings in both our lines with the Dieffenbacher glue-saving technology, so that our investment will pay off very quickly,” said Sérgio Filipe, technical manager at FINSA.

PROjet is an MDF blow-line gluing system that delivers resin savings of up to 15% compared to conventional blow line technology. It’s applicable for both UF and MUF resin. With PROjet, MDF manufacturers can produce board surfaces with fewer resin spots.

In particleboard production, the EVOjet P will help FINSA reduce glue consumption. Special two-component nozzles atomize the glue into fine droplets to create a homogeneous resin distribution. This, says Dieffenbacher, enables resin savings of up to 15% in the core layer.

Installation and start-up of the four Dieffenbacher glue-saving systems are scheduled for late summer.