It is the very first investment of XyloSuisse LLC in the Russian woodworking market whereas the company and its management have considerable international experience in the sphere of particleboard manufacturing.

The new plant will focus on high quality panels and flexible solutions for the furniture industry. The plant capacity will aim to increase and the existing lines will be quickly optimised under the control of XyloSuisse LLC, which is said to guarantee the stable supply of quality raw materials and solutions for Russian and European players in the furniture production sector.

“By selling the raw board production to XyloSuisse, MK Shatura will be able to concentrate on its core business, the fabrication of high-grade, modern furniture for reasonable prices and further improve our service quality,” said Mr Dellarosa, the CEO of MK Shatura furniture factory, “thus new prospects of furniture production development will be raised for our plant and hence we expect further investment and modernisation of our production lines in general.”