Dr Jörg Hasener, who was previously responsible for Measuring Technology and who has held senior roles over 15 years, will lead the combined business unit.

The unit will comprise a comprehensive portfolio of some 30 measuring technology systems combined with existing inspection solutions such as Superscan, Dieffensor and Formator.

The company said the change placed the new Measuring Technology business unit in an ideal position to take care of many industrial process measurement requirements such as humidity, weight per unit area, thickness and inspection of surfaces.

With the consolidation of these business units, the company responds to the wish of many customers for one contact, especially in sales and after-sales-service, for the entire portfolio of the GreCon Measuring Technology.

In the future, Fagus-GreCon will further extend its product and advisory competence along the entire process chain of web or panel-shaped production processes thanks to the merger of the two business units.

“Together with our customers, we will be able to realise the potential of cost reduction and quality improvement even better than we do today,” Mr Hasener explained.

“We will also continuously develop our expertise in physical measuring methods for special applications in the new business unit.”

The company intends to open up new fields of application for GreCon Measuring Technology in the wood-based panel industry as well as in other industries. Current product innovations underpin this approach.

Since the beginning of this year, the “GreCon 3D Particleview” has been used successfully at several production sites in the wood-based panel industry for the determination of the particle geometry.

The company also plans the market launch of the “GreCon Simple Lab” for automatic measurement of formaldehyde emissions, and the extension of the innovative “GreCon Formator” system, which is already established in MDF and OSB production, for use in particleboard production.