Shipments of Weyerhaeuser’s Lumin plywood to Europe is estimated to double in 2011 following a large investment at the company’s South American mill.

Weyerhaeuser said its Lumin plywood mill in Uruguay is increasing production to meet demand for the product, which is FSC-certified. PEFC certification is expected to follow later this year.

“To ensure continued sustainability of supply we have invested heavily in the infrastructure and operations in Uruguay and committed a high proportion of the increased volume to Europe,said John Guerin, Weyerhaeuser’s European commercial director.

“As the plantations mature over the coming years, we will be able to deliver to market high grades of Lumin plywood.”

Lumin is produced with either a eucalyptus or pine face and in 14 grades.

The company has more than 140,000ha of eucalyptus and pine plantations in Uruguay.