In his inaugural address Dr Fantoni said that all members must commit to help make at least E1 quality compulsory in Europe for production, distribution and import for all wood based panels and that legislation to ensure this should be sought country by country (following the successful example of Italy).

On a pan-European basis he stressed that the EPF Internal Agreement dated February 2008 that commits particleboard, MDF and OSB members to manufacture board of at least E1 quality remains valid.

In his speech, Clive Pinnington, EPF’s new managing director, stressed the intention of EPF to grow its activities in terms of the federation’s future being market growth, public image and positioning in the climate change, energy and economic debate.

With regard to Dr Fanoni’s commitment to make E1 quality compulsory, Mr Pinnington commented: "The wood based panel industry is legitimately proud of Dr Fantoni’s initiative to make E1 compulsory in Europe and relishes the opportunity to turn his vision into reality."