The company reported an increase in turnover despite a difficult market situation at the conclusion of the half-year balance of October 31, 2014.

In comparison to the same period of the previous year, turnover increased by 2.3% to €1,163m (previous year: €1,137m).

In the period EBITDA increased to €172.6m and Egger’s investments reached €113.6m (previous year: €102.2m).

By business units, the decorative products department, which sells products for furniture and interior design, reached the largest turnover growth with 3.7%.

In retail products (flooring), the turnover decreased by 7.9% against the same period of the previous year. The company explained this contraction as a result of a very challenging economic context and of the company’s conscious decision to forgo unprofitable volume business.

The turnover of OSB and timber for Egger building products also proved to be declining (-5.4%). Decreasing demand and the price pressure for OSB marked these markets.