The investment reinforces the company’s commitment to make More From Wood, by improving the quality of recycled wood used to make EGGER’s chipboard panels.

Employing the latest technology, the new recycling plant will segregate, clean, and chip waste wood that would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill. Recycled material maintains the carbon stored in the wood and benefits the environment.

Thanks to the new, state-of-the-art processing facilities and the high quality recycled material processed, EGGER is able to increase the amount of recycled wood in each chipboard panel it produces. By improving its recycling processes to get a better quality raw material, EGGER can guarantee that the quality of the panel is not compromised.

“Increasing our recycled content answers the demand from the interior design, furniture, and housebuilding industries for more environmentally conscious products,” said Alex West, product manager at EGGER UK. “We are a major supplier to these industries, so it’s important that we lead the way when it comes to sustainable product innovation.”

“Not only does this investment strengthen our closed loop production cycle, but it also demonstrates the importance and commitment the company places on a sustainable supply of raw materials,” continued Ms West.

Plans for the project started in 2019, with breaking ground taking place in October 2020. Led by Andrew Shepherd with EGGER’s dedicated UK project team, installation was supported by the wider EGGER Group, Cubby Construction, Mibex Ltd, Garwen Enterprises, and Parkgate.

The team has collectively spent over 130,000 hours on this project and navigated many external challenges during the build, including Covid-19, skill shortages, and material availability. After commencing commissioning in August, chipboard production with increased recycled content is under way.