São Paulo-based Eucatex recently agreed a partnership deal with the Swedish flooring technology company VäIinge Innovation Sweden AB. Under the licensing agreement, the new laminate product will make use of Viken-based VäIinge’s patented ESC 5G locking system.

"The partnership with VäIinge is one more step forward for Eucatex towards innovation with quality," commented the Brazilian panel group’s executive president Flavio Maluf. The new locking system will enhance the customer appeal of Eucafloor’s easy application feature, the company said.

Eucatex saw a rise of 17.4% in sales volume for its laminate flooring products during Q3, 2013 against the same period in 2012. It reported a net revenue increase of 17.6% to US$16.3m in Q3 last year.

The group reported it was using 52% of the 12 million m2 capacity on the two production lines at its Botucatu plant during the third quarter of 2013.