Wanhua will use the plant to manufacture panels constructed from wood, a blend of wood and straw, and entirely from straw.

In the fiscal year 2015, Dieffenbacher has secured a total of 11 major orders for complete plants. Five further orders have already been signed.

The scope of supply includes everything from the forming station to the finishing line. The forming station is equipped with two windformers for the surface layer and a forming head for the core layer.

The core element of the plant is the continuous press CPS type 280 – 23.5. This 8.5ft press produces boards that are up to 2440mm wide and between eight and 35mm thick.

The components supplied in the finishing line area include a diagonal saw and a distribution and trimming saw.

Dieffenbacher has been working for a long time on plant concepts for alternative raw materials such as fast-growing woods, annual crops (eg sugar cane, straw) and recycled wood in response to the rising demand for machine technology designed to work with these specific raw materials.

The rising price of wood, explains Dieffenbacher, is usually the reason behind the partial or complete replacement of wood in the manufacture of boards. However, environmental policy requirements have also driven this development.

In China, thousands of tons of straw are burned in the fields each year which has a significant impact on the environment. In future, these large quantities must be used in other ways, says Dieffenbacher, and the exclusive cooperation with Wanhua is a project with this in mind.

The Wanhua Industrial Group is a Chinese chemical company with headquarters in Yantai, Shandong Province. It is said to be the world’s largest manufacturer of MDI glue ahead of Covestro and a leading TDI manufacturer.