The system will be set up in Torshok, in the Tver region, near the LVL system already installed by Dieffenbacher in 2008. The system output totals 600,000m³/year.

OSB panels are produced with a width of between 2250 and 2800mm and a thickness of 6-40mm. Dieffenbacher will supply all of the machine equipment for the production line.

The scope of supply includes the debarking unit, a deicing system from Dieffenbacher partner Holtec, strander, two drum dryers with a throughput of 35 BDT/hr, screening unit, forming line, a CPS 295 – 60 press and raw board handling, as well as tongue and groove systems with packaging lines.

In addition, there are two power plants each with 57MW combustion capacity included in the scope of supply. Two ORC units are also included. These units produce a total of 5.8MW of electrical energy and conduct the residual heat of the deicing system. The delivery of the OSB system will start in spring 2015, with initial start-up scheduled for the end of 2015.