Dieffenbacher has acquired 100% of the shares of B Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH, Bielefeld with signed agreements that B Maier Zerkleinerungstechmik GmbH takes over the know-how and the patents of B Maier GmbH Maschinenfabrik as well as of AB Anlagenbau GmbH for the complete product range of size reduction technology. Production has not been included in the transaction.

Maier has gained an excellent reputation in the sector of chip and particle preparation systems and the company is thus said to perfectly complement the Dieffenbacher product portfolio.

Within the Dieffenbacher Group Maier will be responsible for the engineering of chip preparation systems including conveying technique, chipper, chip bunker, flaking of the chips and refining of particles for surface furnish.

With this acquisition Dieffenbacher is in a position to provide all core components of a complete production line from its integrated group members.

B. Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH has also gained experience in the deign and sale of pellet plants which should perfectly fit the Dieffenbacher strategy as a supplier of complete pellet production lines.