Deurotech Group subsidiaries involved in the latest partnership with Arauco are Vits Technology GmbH, IFA Technology GmbH and Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH.

Arauco has initiated orders for two new impregnation lines from Vits Technology for their Mexican plants in 6- and 9-feet width as well as the upgrade of two existing lines and one IFA.

Besides this, IFA Technology will install a state-of-the-art resin reactor system with a production capacity of 120 t/day to produce UF/MUF resin onsite ARAUCO ´s facilities in Mexico.

Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH is delivering a heat exchanger (WERO) with estimated savings of 300 kW, promising substantial reductions in the plant's operational costs. This aligns with Arauco ´s commitment to sustainability and an environmentally friendly carbon footprint.

Inserco, as a trusted partner and representative for Deurotech in Latin America, has played a crucial role in strengthening sales and service operations in this region.

The Deurotech Group is a group of businesses specializing in the wood-based panels and paper industry as well as in environmental technologies.