Danzer Group, billed as the world’s largest producer of hardwood veneers, has acquired Reholz GmbH, Kesselsdorf, near Dresden, Germany. The company will be integrated into Danzer Group under its current management.
Reholz is said to have developed an internationally unique, patented process for moulding veneers three-dimensionally without cracking. With 3D veneers, it is possible to achieve stable moulds – for example for the furniture and automotive industries ¬– ¬ that are resistant to breakage or bending. Both the structure of the wood and texture of the veneer are unchanged in the process.
By acquiring Reholz, Danzer will be able to offer its customers veneers in 3D version for moulded parts and coatings. At the same time Danzer is expanding its expertise in the field of innovative wooden surfaces.
“Our constant product developments in veneered wooden surfaces, combined with our new wooden surface Vinterio and the patented 3D processing technology open up a variety of new application and design possibilities for us,said Hans-Joachim Danzer, Danzer Group ceo.