Siempelkamp has secured two contracts in Eastern Europe. ZAO PDK Apsheronsk in South Russia and ART-PROGRESS in the Ukraine have each ordered complete MDF plants and short cycle presses.
Operating with Siempelkamp equipment the scope of supply for the MDF plant for Apsheronsk includes a forming and press line incorporating an 8ft x 55.3m ContiRoll press.
The assembly of the plant is scheduled to begin this month (October) and the first board is forecast for April 2010.
The plant is said to guarantee a significant market share for Apsheronsk, not only in the region of Krasnodar but also in the entire Russian MDF market.
In the Ukraine, ART-PROGRESS in Kiev has ordered a forming and press line including a 9ft x 35.4m ContiRoll press, which is extendable to 40.4m. This line will be part of the first MDF plant in the Ukraine.
Construction in Korosten is projected to start in June 2009 with the first board forecast for February 2010. A daily capacity of 750m2 is anticipated in order to reach a yearly capacity of 250,000m2.