The opening ceremony for the construction of the Phase II project of Qingdao Winlong International Chemical (Qingdao branch of Internet Wood Glue Co Ltd) has recently taken place. The project covers 8.9ha of land in the suburban area of the city of Laixi in Shandong province.

The Phase II project, mainly producing adhesives for woodworking, is expected to become the largest wood glue producer in China with an annual turnover of 115,000 tons by the end of 2010.

Internet Wood Glue Co Ltd, (InternetWG) has, in just a few years, completed the transformation from a single distributor to an integrated chemical industrial group with many branches throughout China.

As Wal-Mart is well known for the one-stop shopping format and for good prices, InternetWG is also following this concept in its commitment to being the Chinese Wal-Mart in the field of wood glues.