Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) is looking into developing a cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing plant, possibly within two years, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Architects have been approached about the design and construction of a CLT building, and CHH is looking for designers and developers to collaborate in developing building concepts for the system, according to Tony
Neilson, editor of timberDESIGN magazine. CHH has declined to comment.

CLT is a prefabricated large-dimension structural plywood product usually made from low-grade spruce, said Mr Neilson.

Widely used in Europe for external and internal walls, ceilings and roofs of single and multistory residential and commercial buildings, CLT is also attracting attention in North America, he added.

Mr Neilson said CHH seems to be most interested in residential or low-rise commercial applications, and is likely to base any local production on Australian-grown radiata pine.