Both companies are pooling their dryer expertise to achieve a common goal. 

The Krefeld-based dryer and energy plant specialist and the belt dryer supplier from Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, will focus, for example, on the advantages that belt dryers open up for the wood-based panel industry and drum dryers for agriculture, chemicals and recycling.

Both partners are co-operating to expand their portfolios on both sides and flexibly meet customer requirements with the appropriate dryer in each case. 

They are focusing on one possible dryer variant for the wood-based panels industry: the belt dryer. Numerous industries use this technology, which can also be used in wood-based panel plants if sufficient process heat is available.

“The processing of waste or other recycling streams and thus resource efficiency as well as the use of process heat at a low temperature level are enjoying an ever increasing importance,” said Andreas Klug, managing director of Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH.

“In this respect, we are pleased to add an important component to the overall plant competence of the Siempelkamp Group through our new partnership with NEW eco-tec, in addition to the business area expansion for Büttner.”

Belt dryers from NEW eco-tec are characterized by their special design and air flow and flexibly dry a wide variety of products, e.g. feedstocks for pellet production, digestate, sludge, various waste fractions or fuels for biomass heating plants. The company says they are suited for drying sawdust and wood chips, bark and OSB strands. 

The company from Mühldorf am Inn uses a containerized modular design – the drying systems are integrated into containers that plant operators can place in a modular system, aiding later expansion.