The move, with W Kunz dryTec AG (also known as Swiss Combi), is designed to sustainably strengthen Büttner’s competence in the field of belt dryers.

In addition to a co-operation in sales, the agreement also includes the collaboration in process engineering, automation, assembly and commissioning.

Büttner has been known in the dryer segment mainly for drum dryers, tube bundle dryers and flash tube dryers, while Swiss Combi has been supplying belt dryers for biomass and the particleboard industry for more than 30 years. 

“In this partnership, Büttner benefits from Swiss Combi's experience in belt dryer technology with more than 200 realized belt dryers in various industries worldwide,” said Swiss Combi managing director Markus Kunz.

Mr Kunz referenced the broad customer network of Büttner and the Siempelkamp Group to distribute drying technology. 

“In addition, the alliance allows us to offer customized solutions of energy systems combined with belt dryers and filter systems that will be cleaner – by reducing emissions – and more efficient – by utilizing waste heat – for the benefit of our customers.”

Büttner said both companies were in a position to jointly offer complete drying solutions in belt dryers and the related process heat generation.