Pine sawnwood exports increased 11.6% between August 2017 (US$42.3m) and August 2018 (US$47.2m). In terms of volume, exports remained almost constant over the same period, from 205,100m3 to 205,000m3.

In August tropical sawnwood exports increased 30% in volume, from 35,200m3 last August to 45,800m3 in August this year. In value terms, exports increased 22.4% from US$16.5m to US$20.2m, over the same period.

Year-on-year the value of pine plywood exports increased 27% in August 2018, from US$50.6m to US$64.2m and in terms of volume exports increased 3% over the same period, from 177,600m3 to182,800m3.

As for tropical plywood, exports declined 23% in volume, from 16,800m3 (US$6.5m) in August 2017 to 12,900m3 (US$6.1m) in August 2018.