Year-on-year pine sawnwood exports value grew 27% in August to US$26m and there was a 36% increase in export volumes compared to a year earlier (87,200m3 to 118,700m3).

Brazilian pine plywood exports to North America increased 28%, from 14,249m3 in July to 18,204m3 in August.

Of the total Brazilian pine plywood exports, 18% was shipped to the US while 19% went to Germany. August plywood exports to the UK, Belgium and Puerto Rico fell, according to the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

Tropical sawnwood exports however, fell 22% in volume in August, from 29,800m3 in August 2014 to 23,200m3 in August this year and the value of tropical sawnwood exports declined just over 27% from US$15.7m to US$11.4.

In the case of plywood, export values fell but export volumes rose. The 6.5% drop in the value of exports from US$35.4m in August last year to US$33.1m this year was accompanied by a 7% increase in the volume of exports (96,800m3 to 103,900m3).

In contrast exports of tropical plywood increased almost 32% in volume while the value of tropical plywood exports jumped 9%. Brazil’s August wooden furniture exports dropped almost 20% year on year.