The company plans to spend the money extending the existing MDF plant to include a particleboard production line.
The company currently buys particleboard from South Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as from Carter Holt Harvey at Tumut and Mount Gambier. "Borg wants to control its own destiny," said CEO Jim Snelson. "We want to produce our own particleboard."

Mr Snelson said the expansion would provide ongoing permanent work for an extra 70 employees. The Borg MDF factory currently employs 250 people. There will be 700 cumulative jobs over the two-year construction.

John and Michael Borg established a cabinet making and kitchen business, operating out of their parents’ NSW central coast garage 26 years ago. Borg Kitchens was their foundation business. They proceeded to grow the business, expanding to operations in Charmhaven and Somersby and ultimately to Oberon in 2010, when they acquired the MDF and Woodchem sites from Carter Holt Harvey.

They have take now employ 1300 people across the business. They have 17 distribution centres across Australia.
Borg manufacturing’s key customers include medium to large secondary manfacturers, decorative material and panel resellers and distributors. The company owns its own distribution business, Polytec.