The offer from NSW based Borg Manufacturing has been accepted by Alpine MDF and will be formalised if approved by the ACCC, which commenced its review under the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines.

Alpine MDF chief executive officer Graham Church said it was too early to go into details about the proposed sale.
"Until such time as the sale is approved by the ACCC we’re really not in a position to make a statement," he said.

"The staff are fully informed and have all been offered em­ployment with the new business if it goes ahead. For now it’s just business as usual."

Alpine MDF employs 100 staff and was originally set-up in 1996 as Dominance Industries Pty Ltd before being purchased by Japanese firm Sumitomo Forestry Company Ltd in 2002 and changing its name.

Borg Manufacturing has manufacturing sites and a warehouse and distribution facility in NSW and is a leading manufacturer of cabinet doors in Australia, with a world-class production facility located in Charmhaven.