Binos’ strength lies in the areas of technology, development, automation and support including installation, commissioning and training of the customer’s personnel.

Recently the panel producers Al Noor Lasani, based in Pakistan and Evergreen, based in Malaysia have invested in Binos Ultra Former technology which consists of the Binos fibre turbine, a vacuum system with an adjustable table and a Binos scalper.

The fiber turbine dissolves agglomerated fibers to an homogenized flow of single fibres and improves the fibre sifting.

The vacuum system supports the fleece-building and the scalper with its adjustable table underneath, adjusts the gross density distribution as well as the thickness tolerances. The Binos scalper is an innovative system for the optimisation of the lateral distribution of material in the spreading stations. It is used instead of a conventional scalper roll in MDF systems and to even the distribution of the core layer in particleboard systems.

The whole system enables a more efficient press process and an improved coating.