The NOK100-120m factory in Gjøvik is designed to serve the Norwegian market with a range of sustainable wood fibre insulation materials made from local spruce (using up to 70,000m3 of raw material a year).

The positive environmental basis for the project was furthered buy the use of natural construction materials in the construction, while energy for production comes from a local hydroelectric power station.

The production line is designed to produce both flexible insulation mats as well as blow-in insulation on one production line.

Binos’ involvement covered its core competencies of mixing, dissolving, spreading and forming.

To support Hunton in the mixing process Binos delivered the Binos Fibre Turbine. The Fibre Turbine can be described as a mixing unit for the production of a homogeneous composition of wood-bico fibres. At the same time it dissolves agglomerated fibres to enable finest fibre preparation.

For the spreading/ forming process Binos supplied its Binos Ultra Former. The vacuum-supported spreading process of the Ultra Former is designed to achieve homogeneous forming of the fibre mat at lowest area weight fluctuations, with the Binos Scalper responsible for homogenising the mat.