LP’s investment is part of their expansion plans for siding products in the building market within their LP SmartSide trim & siding brand.

The project consists of a fully automatic shake profile production line that is fed with 8x4ft OSB panels for several post-processing processes to get different sized shakes. The Biele line feeds the mother board and cuts into multiple pieces that will be profiled, painted, and packaged according to different recipes.

Prior to adding the Shake Line in Swan Valley, LP had a shake line in Roaring River, North Carolina.

“Customer demand for the shake product was outpacing the capacity of the Roaring River line,” said LP’s engineering project manager Danaillie Woodfine.

“The new shake line includes more automation and an increased line speed that is capable of twice the production of the Roaring River line. This increase capacity will allow LP to meet future customer demand.”

Ms Woodfine said doing business during the Covid-19 pandemic was often unpredictable, but credited Biele with being able to adapt quickly to changes in order to keep the project on track. “I would definitely recommend Biele for future projects,” she added.