Brazilian panel maker Berneck has finally started commercial board production on its second MDF plant at Curitibanos, Santa Catarina state.

Meanwhile, the firm, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, plans to triple the production of thin HDF panels on its original 345,000m3/year fibreboard line at Berneck’s main complex at Araucaria, Paraná state.

At Curitibanos, 500,000m3/year Siempelkamp ContiRoll line, originally scheduled to go on stream last October, produced its first panels on 29 March after power company delays in connecting the green field site to the electricity grid.

In April, Berneck’s new line turned out 5,000m3 of market quality MDF and expects to lift that monthly figure to around 12,000m3 in May.

 “Our goal is that by September, we should reach around 60% of plant capacity ­– 27,000m3 – which we should maintain for the rest of the year,predicted the family-owned firm’s industrial director Daniel Berneck.

The quality of the line’s board was “excellentfrom the start, and the plant has been gradually reducing the line’s resin use to acceptable levels as the ramp up continues, he told WBPI early in May.