Berneck SA, the largest wood-based panel exporting company in Brazil, has commissioned Dieffenbacher to supply an 84 MW energy system and the world’s largest drum dryer for its medium-density particleboard (MDP) plant in Curitibanos, Santa Catarina. 

Headquartered in Araucária in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Berneck S.A. specializes in MDP, MDF and HDF production. 

“With the new Dieffenbacher energy system and drum dryer, we’ll be ready to boost our production capacity in Curitibanos from 1,200 m³ to 2,700 m³ of MDP per day,” said Industrial Director Daniel Berneck. 

The grate of the huge 84 MW energy system will have a size of 106 m² and the drum of the dryer will be 36m long and have a diameter of 7.8m. Dieffenbacher says the drum dryer will be the largest in the world. At 155% material moisture, it will achieve a throughput of 43 tonnes per hour.

“Berneck has not only placed its trust in us for this project, but it has also invited us to enter into a long-term partnership,” said Diego Coelho de Oliveira, Area Sales Director Latin America at Dieffenbacher.

“We sincerely thank our partners at Inserco for helping to make this contract possible,” Inserco Managing Director Ralf Bergmann added. “This success once again shows what Dieffenbacher and Inserco can achieve together in Latin America.”

“I can’t wait to see our Curitibanos site more than double its particleboard capacity,” said Daniel Berneck. “I look forward to our collaboration with Dieffenbacher and Inserco on this project and others, as I believe this might be the beginning of a new era for all three of us,” he concluded.