ATC Pembroke Inc hopes soon to reopen its Laurentian Valley, Ontario, MDF mill, closed since November 2008, reports The Daily Observer of Pembroke, Ontario.

Ceo Rodolfo (Fito) Salman said the company had invested C$10m in improving the moulding line at the facility and does not want to walk away from its investment.

However, ATC Pembroke has to overcome several challenges to reopen the mill, and is seeking community support.

Mr Salman said the cost of doing business in Canada was high, but that the North Carolina-based company was not bankrupt or in receivership. He said it was operating under Canadian legal procedures to seek additional investors to resume operations.

According to Mr Salman, the company has to pay twice as much for electricity to operate its Pembroke facility than at its sister mill in Pennsylvania, and six times the amount in taxes. Both facilities are the same size and age.