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Superfici launches UV LED curing and 3D scanning for spraying 23 September, 2014 Italian finishing specialist Elmag-Superfici has new updates to its technology in response to market demand. Stephen Powney reports from the company’s base in Monza. > read more

Serving a local market 17 August, 2012 As the market momentum builds for particleboard in China, Guangdong Shixing Huazhou Wood Co Ltd is about to join the ranks of major producers of that panel with its new continuous CPS line

Diverse group invests in MDF 17 August, 2012 Dahe is another newcomer to the panel making business, choosing an imported continuous line to make its MDF and thin HDF panels at its factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province

A new player with plans 16 August, 2012 One of the most recently inaugurated thin MDF lines in the country is that of Hunan Senhua in Yiyang City. As a completely new entrant to the panel manufacturing industry, this company had a steep learning curve to follow

Investing for the future 15 August, 2012 Tocchio srl is a well-known manufacturer of paper impregnation and coating plants for the worldwide market and says it is continually refining its lines to meet the latest demands

Single-minded 14 August, 2012 The Imal-Pal Group has continued to play to the strengths of its two component companies in making an integrated whole, with a one-source approach to the global panel making industry

Still pressing ahead 14 August, 2012 A company founded even before the country of Italy has reinvented itself over the years and is still an important press maker. This is the story of today’s Pagnoni Impianti, still in business after 164 years

Staying one step ahead 13 August, 2012 Press plate maker Sesa SpA has launched a radical innovation to help its customers in making their choices when it comes to surface finishes. Mike Botting visited Sesa’s headquarters to see this new app for himself

China still a major market 25 June, 2012 China’s biennial major woodworking machinery show took place in Beijing in early March with most exhibitors happy with the response, particularly in view of some negative vibes coming from signs of cooling in the national economy

Wulian moves mountains 21 June, 2012 Many Chinese panel companies seem to like a challenge when they decide to build a new line and Guangdong Wulian certainly took one on when it decided to ‘move a mountain’ to make way for its first particleboard line

A family business 20 June, 2012 Tengchong Gulin Tree Industry Co Ltd has four production lines and a tree plantation, all run by members of the same family. Their latest MDF project saw Siempelkamp’s largest scope of supply for a single site in China

New entrant to world of continuous pressing 19 June, 2012 Tianmen Tianyuan Wood Industry Co Ltd entered the continuous pressing of MDF in 2011 for the first time, but it seems it may have plans to increase its presence in the panel market before long, as Mike Botting discovered

Aiming for domination 18 June, 2012 Yunnan Yung Lifa Forest Co Ltd was established with a very specific goal in mind. That goal involved utilising bamboo in a completely new way, requiring some revolutionary technology. Mike Botting visited the company’s pilot plant in Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan province

Global and American markets are the focus 24 May, 2012 The world economy has a major influence on what is accomplished at the versatile Willamette Valley Company, situated in northwestern US, reports Steve Ehle

US housing market still slumping 23 May, 2012 While the immediate situation in the housing market in the US is still not good, there are positive signs of recovery, according to a study carried out by Al Schuler for Virginia Tech University. North America correspondent Steve Ehle interviewed industry expert Mr Schuler to bring this assessment of the future

Better times ahead.... 22 May, 2012 North American engineered wood producers seek global markets and growth in the coming year as they predict that 2012 will show an upturn compared to previous years, according to the APA-The Engineered Wood Association. Steve Ehle spoke to the APA’s marketing director, who kindly shared some of the association’s data

Industry tied to housing by ‘umbilical cord’ 21 May, 2012 Panel industry consultant Leonard Guss says deeper penetration into existing applications is needed to breathe new life into the panel industry. Steve Ehle, WBPI’s new North America correspondent, interviewed Dr Guss for this report

How much higher can China fly? 07 March, 2012

The massive global economic stimulus provided by China in 2009-2010 began to run out of steam in 2011, but the year as a whole still showed large growth in China’s economy. As measured by GDP,...

Innovation is the key to the future 08 December, 2011

Two of the latest developments on which Dieffenbacher has focused specific attention are the development of new impact-free technology using pulsation for size-reduction of wood raw material and...

Double celebration to mark a centenary 07 December, 2011

Carl Benscheidt, owner and founder of the Fagus company, set up his shoe last manufacturing business in Alfeld, not far from Hannover, in 1911.

With the assistance of a few far-sighted...

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