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Ready or not for Bio-based

Dr Morwenna Spear of the BioComposites Centre in Bangor asks – are we finally ready for bio-based resins?

Virtual vision changes reality

‘Mixed reality’ may be a new expression for some people, but it is entering the world of work with the promise of many benefits. WBPI looks at what Microsoft is doing with its latest technology to empower companies.

Clear Vision

Sarah Wild reports on the next generation of modified wood – augmented, transparent wood

Lumin embarks on expansion project

South American plywood manufacturer Uruply SA (Lumin) is about to embark on a US$30m investment in an additional production line. Stephen Powney spoke to Lumin CEO Alvaro Molinari

Spruce bark’s biophenol future?

Studies on using Sitka spruce bark-based bio-phenolic compounds as a substitute for standard phenol formaldehyde resin have shown encouraging results but ready availability of petroleum-based products may limit their use for the foreseeable future

Green adhesives provide future potential

Pine bark tannins and cellulose nanofibres are being researched for use in adhesives to make wood-based panels. Arauco’s research and development division Bioforest has conducted test work which it shared at IPPS 2019 – highlights from the research paper are shared in this feature

Growing the seeds

Biochemicals business Evertree has made some big strides forward with its advance to the commercial stage of a wood-based binding intensifier for wood-based panels manufacture, reports Stephen Powney

Biocomposites centre plans new pilot plant home

At the International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS) in October 2019, BioComposites Centre director, Dr Rob Elias, announced an exciting plan to move the centre’s pilot plant to a new home, a state-of-the-art multi-millionpound building. Here Dr Elias explains more details about the project

Garnica builds seventh factory

Leading European plywood manufacturer Garnica has commenced construction work on its seventh factory, in north-central France. Stephen Powney looks at the investment and recent developments at Garnica

Russia sets new panels Consumption record in 2019

Wood-based panels consumption has been growing in Russia. WBPI correspondent Eugene Gerden looks at the industry’s recent performance