At the ‘Interprint Furniture Days 2013’ in Arnsberg, intensive talks were entered into with all the workshop participants – all of whom were renowned representatives of the industry. These discussions revealed which decors have the greatest potential for market success.

The resulting range has been called the ‘Six Pack 2014’ and it also found favour with visitors at the ZOW trade show held in Bad Salzuflen in Germany in February of this year.

The company offered six favourite decors which, it says, show a new view of things. The first is ‘Nash Oak’, which Interprint describes as "The Untypical".

The decor is very softly grained and deliberately only partly structured, producing a very different and very special oak, says the company.

"This decor is nothing like the ones we know," says Interprint’s Leo Bisping. "It looks as if washed by a wave, is simultaneously unobtrusively planked and is in line with the ‘used’ trend.

"Nash Oak looks correspondingly lively and natural. A decor that makes people feel at home."

‘Pandora’ is the decor which the company describes as "the Mediterranean".

"This decor is wonderfully grown together and redesigned," says Mr Bisping. "There used to be a cherry tree in the triangle of Switzerland, Italy and France. Today, the tree is called Pandora and surprises everybody with its metamorphosis. The climate gave the wood a lively play of colours. "The Pandora decor design gave that theme a new, unmistakeable, look. A beautiful sight where tradition and modernity skilfully merge."

The next new decor, ‘Nelson’, is described as "The North American".

"Strong in expression and with pioneering spirit; the new interpretation of elm. Just as Nelson once flew around the world for the first time, the planked decor also shows its hitherto unique structure," says Interprint. With a whitegreyish negative pore, brilliant colours and impressive tones from gold-bronze-brownish to faded white-grey, this independent decor allows of a combination with many trendy colours."

Another new decor is ‘Iconic’. This is described by its creators as "the Neoclassical".

"Always popular and reinterpreted," says Mr Bisping. "This is a decor whose development took time. Classic beech was reinvented to become an icon. Its features are soft planking, typical beech elements such as congenitally lively sections, and a varied colour composition. "As a viewer, you will quickly get to like Iconic," he says.

Then comes the next new decor, ‘Maxim’, which the company describes as "the Ambassador".

"This design is noble on its own and compatible with other decors at the same time," says Interprint, adding that "Looking away is pointless".

The company says that this walnut decor apparently wants to be an eye-catcher and that its black narrow lines make Maxim very charming.

"The base wood was obviously processed with care. The authentic expressiveness of the decor is even reinforced when it is side by side with a single colour," adds Mr Bisping.

Last, but not least, comes the sixth new decor, ‘Nomad’ – "The Walker".

The company claims it falls between local oak and an exotic wood.

It says that the viewer sets out on a long visual journey when he or she tries to determine the grain.

"There is so much familiar, yet simultaneously new, combined in the decor image of Nomad that one actually wants to leave that undecided," says Mr Bisping. And why not? The homogeneous change between flowers and stripe elements creates a decor full of tension.

The company feels that the ‘Six Pack’ contains six wood decors that have developed into a hitherto unseen, and yet authentic, picture, with the help of creative passion and innovative technology.