Cermat has been working in the maintenance of manufacturing plants for the production of MDF and particleboard for over 40 years and says it is also equipped to carry out all kinds of mechanical work following the coating process, even on large-scale parts.

This includes mechanical parts and forgings in stainless steel, special anti-wear steel, refractory steels, Ni Resist and Ni Hard metals.

This process can involve highly advanced systems, such as coatings with Plasma Spray – PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) or HVOF spraying (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel), as well as traditional systems, such as the thermo spray process, wire metalisation, mig, mag, tig, tungsten carbide and warmed spraying.

The company says it is unusual in that it has become a specialist in the overhauling of complete refiners, rebuilding them in accordance with the drawings of damaged or worn-out machine parts.

Other plant components which the company regularly reconditions include chippers, feed screws and glue blenders.

In addition to this specialism, Cermat also manufactures new, complete drop-units, screw pressing units, conveyor screws, digester screws, drum chippers, stellar valves and centre plates, in addition to all plant parts which are subject to wear, such as screw holder shafts, segment holder discs and pulpers.

Each reconditioning project involves the dismantling of the machine, replacement of the pieces that are subject to fatigue or are damaged, and the salvaging of the worn out pieces where possible, as well as the manufacture of new components according to a specific drawing.

Cermat issues a warranty of quality for every plant that it has overhauled and tested.

Each reconditioning involves the application of special surface-protective treatments, which are aimed at considerably increasing the mechanical and chemical wear resistance of the reconditioned components.

The company expanded the production facilities at its Olmo di Martellago factory in March 2013 and says it has gained acknowledgement all over Europe for its reliability and competence; and that it has recently obtained significant orders from Asia and the Middle East.

The company also says that its clients are always made to feel unique, with a top-level research and development sector at their disposal, as well as specialist consultancy whenever they need it, plus assistance and prompt response to their every need, all over the world.

"Customer satisfaction, involvement of personnel and organisation by processes are the fundamental elements in the profile of a solid and modern company," says chief executive Jacopo Cerioli. "The Cermat team is at the customer’s side from the initial planning stage through to the installation and start-up of the system and ensures continuous follow-up for optimal functioning.

"Regenerating means saving over 40% on the price of a new machine."