Homapal GmbH, located in the centre of Germany, says it is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality metal and speciality laminates globally. The company is part of the Formica Group.

It says the wide variety of products and wide range of colours and decors, which are continuously adapted to market trends, leave a great deal of scope for creativity.

In 2013, Homapal introduced a large number of new decors to its well-known collections of Metal, Holz and Magnetic Boards, which are sold worldwide through a retail network with warehouse facilities. The product portfolio was supplemented by the Arti-Pelam collection, which consists of laminates with artificial leather surfaces in various design-oriented embossings and trend colours.

Homapal laminates are used in kitchen and office furniture production as well as in public settings – hotels and bars, cruise ships and clubs, restaurants and shopfitting – everywhere where the objective is to create a distinctive atmosphere.

Homapal says the special surfaces set slick accents, underline moods and leave room for individual staging: in boutiques right up to warehouses. Notable companies such as Nobia, Mobalpa, Armani, Longchamp, Dior and Hugo Boss, but also Karstadt, S Oliver, H&M and Zara, already rely on the diverse and multiple decor opportunities provided by the Homapal collections, says the company.

Inspired by Homapal, the Cella texture on a lacquered aluminium surface, with embossing resembling a linocut, combines an organic look with a metallic appearance and feel. The fluid design is very well suited for giving a horizontal accent to surfaces and objects, says the company. This decor is available in Gold, Copper and Black. Cella brings a touch of luxury to rooms, surfaces and furniture, says Homapal. Combined with non-textured surfaces such as glass, for instance, or nontextured wood, it says the striking texture is even more pronounced.

Lounge, the name of this innovation, already expresses a certain nonchalance and elegance. This decor, which includes irregular long and wide creases on subdued colours, is restrained and has an attractive, extravagant aura.

It is available in Champagne, Bronze and Steel colours and gives to large vertical surfaces that certain something extra without appearing obtrusive. This decor is universally applicable and can be excellently combined with other non-textured or textured surface materials, says the company.

Melted, erupted, flowing and frozen – Lava and Vulcano are the names of the new high-gloss decors with the character of boiling metal. The living, amorphous textures are transferred to the anodised aluminium surface through a special embossing process. Lava and Vulcano set visual accents in room and property design and achieve an incomparable atmosphere in combination with light.

Copper remains the classic when it comes to achieving a warm rustic atmosphere. Homapal offers designers another interesting contemporary look with the decor ‘Clap’, providing the appearance of horizontal shingles in the surface finishes of black patina or antique finish; this can be combined with Homapal Holz decors, for example, to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Homapal says its Magnetic Boards are the perfect partnership between functionality and design: Surfaces you can write on and with a very high sticking power, allowing heavy objects to be attached and removed quickly, open up a multitude of opportunities for use. For example, for displays integrated into shopin- shop systems, or as a special feature in furniture manufacture.

In shops as well as other properties, the wide range of colours and surface finishes allows you to choose an inconspicuous background in a basic colour such as white or an eye catcher in trend colours such as Chiraz Red, Apple Green, Mango Yellow or Macchiato.

Due to the high sticking power, objects that should be put into focus for a specific period of time can be attached quickly, simply, flexibly and securely; for example shoes, shirts, blouses, books, etc.

Authentic textures and a large variety of colours are the prominent features of the Homapal Holz collection, with surfaces made from reconstituted veneers.

The Long-Carved, Short-Carved and Roughly-Cut textures are an optical highlight, says Homapal.

The vertical texture Shingle, which follows the grain of the wood, is in no way inferior. It captivates you – depending from which angle you are looking from and how far away – through interesting light and dark effects which come about through the embossing, further intensified through the varying hues of the wood, giving the decor extra vibrancy.

The new type of wood, Rovere, in the Roughly-Cut texture, brings out a vintage look which is still very popular in many areas such as, for example, in interior design right up to furniture manufacture.

The Arti-Pelam product line – laminates with artificial leather surfaces which have already been pressed onto an HPL core using durable embossing – and which can be processed and treated with all standard tools – offers designers completely new possibilities.

The colour range, which is in tune with the current market trends, extends from steel blue through to light beige. Special highlights are the Elephant Skin, Squares and Lounge textures.

For the first time, this material is available in boards for interior decoration.

Artificial leather is not only easier to care for and more durable than real leather but is also more cost-effective in terms of production, more resource-friendly – and available in larger sizes.

The surfaces can be reproduced as often as desired and show better UV resistance (resistance to fading) than comparable surfaces made of real leather.

So, in a nutshell, says Homapal, it is a forward-looking company with a constantly growing product range which matches the demands of architects and designers, enabling them to choose from a range of different surfaces.

A selection of Homapal’s products will be shown by its German distributor Homatrade at the forthcoming ZOW 2014 taking place February 10-13, 2014 in the Bad Salzuflen Exhibition Centre, Germany.

Homapal will also exhibit at the leading retail trade fair EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany, on February 16-20, 2014.