However, Interzum still enjoys massive support, with 1,700 companies exhibiting, including panel and laminate manufacturers and decor suppliers.Ligna is of course well-established as the premier world event for machinery makers in every sector from forestry to finished products and this year’s show will contain all the major manufacturers of panel-related machinery.
One of the nice things about Ligna is that manufacturers of machinery for similar applications are generally positioned close to one another. Thus most panel machinery manufacturers are in Hall 2, with other important suppliers located in around six other halls of the 16 or so available.
This issue’s regional focus is on the Iberian peninsula – Spain and Portugal. The latter is home to the world’s largest panel making group, Sonae, but I think one of our most interesting stories is on independent company Jomar’s line, making a revolutionary new panel.
There is a lot of panel production in Iberia and our focus contains several fascinating profiles. I hope you enjoy reading them and I look forward to seeing many of you at those shows in May.