The environmental group still believes that FSC is the only credible forest management certification system, but says it is in need of change.

Greenpeace says as FSC has grown over the last two decades, the implementation and interpretation of its standards has been "watered down".

FSC, says Greenpeace, must ensure good practices are applied consistently across the globe.

"Greenpeace is calling on the FSC to take charge and protect its reputation," it said.

Greenpeace’s study contains a case study of good FSC forest management practices in British Columbia, where Ecotrust Canada has a certificate for a group of small forest managers located on Vancouver Island and in the Kootenays region.

But another case study focuses on what Greenpeace calls the "murkier" world of FSC’s Controlled Wood standard.

This focuses on Finland, where Greenpeace says "mismanagment" of what FSC terms controlled wood was threatening the survival of species at risk. The designation of the whole country as "low risk" was highly problematic, claims Greenpeace.