Riccardo Ferrari has spent more than 30 years working in the Italian  wood working machinery  field and in the course of that career has visited panel mills all over the world, becoming very well-known in the industry.

In September of 2009, Mr Ferrari got together with EMG, Trasmec of Casalbuttano and Globus of Galliate and formed GET srl. 
This combined the talents of EMG in handling; Trasmec in transport of chips, flakes and dust; and Globus in wood sizereduction machinery. 
As managing director of GET, Mr Ferrari became responsible for representing all three companies in the area of wood based panels and energy plants utilising biomass, bringing together the strengths of each in an initial approach to potential projects. Not only did he bring knowledge of the market and its players to the table, but also a full understanding of the technical aspects of each business he represented.  
The new company soon expanded its portfolio, adding Claber’s waste water treatment; ITI – a Swiss-headquartered company specialising in thermal plants including combustion and diathermic oil systems for wood based panel applications; OMAR, an Italian company near Treviso specialising in exhaust dust cleaning systems; and CMP of Bondeno, Italy, which is an expert in the dismantling, assembly and erection of industrial plants as well as plant maintenance (working closely with Trasmec in construction of itsplants, for example).   
There are clear synergies between all these companies and it seems likely others will join Mr Ferrari’s portfolio of clients in the near future.