Pal says it has demonstrated once again this year that it is a major innovator in the wood based panels industry.

The Italian group (Pal and Imal, with three production facilities and an approximate total of 250 employees), says it is as committed as ever to protecting the environment and that it has proved that, with the installation of its equipment, it is possible to reduce energy requirements in addition to the amount of raw materials required for panel production.

The company says it has the figures to prove it, with a claimed 10% reduction in energy requirements; less overall plant wear; resin consumption reduced by between 10% and 45%; and minimum increase of 20% in line capacity; all with a minimum investment.

Although the recipe for Pal’s customers’ success is technologically advanced, it is also very simple, says the company: cleaning recycled wood; optimal preparation of the raw material by dosing it with the right amount of resin; steam pre-heating of the mat; and  gentle continuous pressing. This, says the company, is all blended with flexibility and continual customer support and assistance.

“These qualities have enabled us to greatly enhance the loyalty of our customers and will enable the Imal-Pal group to achieve a turnover of more than €100m in 2011, which will also allow us to continue to propose new solutions through continuous investment in research and development,says Pal.

The company says that what has made this possible is the fact that, in the last 35 years, it has constantly strived to evolve the design of its equipment, working side by side with its customers to come up with new solutions and innovations; solutions which others believed to be unachievable.

Pal says it has entered a new production era, where it has perfected each and every piece of equipment that forms the plant. “While others continue to use traditional and obsolete systems, we continue to renew,it says.

Some of the latest technological designs include the Cleaning Tower, the Metal Killer, the MDF fibre resination system, the particleboard resination system and the “revolutionaryOSB resination system, as well as the Dynasteam, Dynaformer and Dynapress.

To be closer to its clientele, the company has opened a branch in China where qualified personnel are able to provide just-in-time customer service in areas formerly disadvantaged by a different time zone.

The rising number of turnkey projects and the ongoing desire to design new technological solutions has prompted Pal’s managers to build a new technological wing where more engineers will be employed to reinforce and support the already rich team of specialists and designers, says the company.

Some of the latest projects include the Arauco and Cuyoplacas facilities where Pal has supplied machines and full engineering for complete turnkey plants, starting from logyard to the complete forming line, merging and coordinating information received from other partners as well.

The company says that equally important are the Chinese plants like Shengyi, Guangxi and Woodsun, where the supply of equipment has been supported by high-tech engineering.

Among numerous other plants around the world that have chosen Pal as their supplier over the last year, special mention is made of Krono-France, Linex, CFP, Depalor, Frati, Egger, Krono group, Unid, Vanachai, Rayong, Eucatex and Norbord.

Pal says that Ligna 2011 provided an exceptional and significant opportunity to meet up with its customers and to show them how its latest innovations can revolutionise the plants of the next generation, or make their customers more competitive by upgrading their facility with new technology.

“Our flexibility to be able to serve our customers with a single piece of equipment, complete lines or upgrades, with customer satisfaction as our main objective, is what makes our team stand out from the crowd,’ says Pal.