ZOW 2007 will display a diversity of products in every product group, thematically arranged under the categories: ‘Fittings: Furniture in Motion’, ‘Elements & Systems: Furniture with Added Value’ and ‘Materials & Surfaces: Furniture Protection and Style’ with ‘Logistics’ being a new sector to be introduced this year.

According to bookings, in the ‘Materials’ category alone almost 180 companies in total will be represented, and among these there will be 40 exhibitors of profiles, 40 with panels and 30 with edgings. There’s further diversity in the ‘Elements & Systems’ segment, which expects to host more than 255 exhibitors.

More than 300 suppliers of ‘Semi-finished’ products are listed, including 75 front panel manufacturers, 65 suppliers of part ready-made semi-finished components, 35 work surface suppliers, as well as 25 companies with postformed elements.

The ‘Fittings’ segment has 120 representatives and in ‘Interior Design’ more than 50 exhibitors will put their expertise on display.

Rounding off the ZOW 2007 portfolio are more than 80 suppliers registered in the ‘Surfaces’ group – of particular interest to WBPI because of the ‘added value to panels’ implication.

There will be 20 subscribers for ‘Chemical Products’ and nearly 80 suppliers of ‘Other Products’ and ‘Industry-related services’.

Following on from the success of Architects’ Day 2006, ZOW 2007 will again include a dedicated architectural lounge with information for architects, interior designers and design professionals. Occupying more than 300m2, the lounge offers information covering all aspects of the exhibition as well as trade-specific guided tours of ZOW.

In 2006, E3S (European Solid Surface Show & Engineered Stone Exhibition) celebrated a successful first appearance as a new show strand at ZOW and it is set to occupy a special position at the 2007 event.

Event organiser Survey GmbH anticipates further increases in both overall numbers and in the individual segments right through to the show opening.

Egger, Rehau and Hettich have joined forces in the ‘Lightweight.network’ – a new development network focused on lightweight design. The three member companies will each present its product, and its potential application, at the show.

Egger in Austria started up the first lightweight panel production in August 2006. The machine to do this, which was developed by SHS, is said to be a milestone in the history of panel production.

However, without adequate edging and fittings solutions, lightweight panels would never be a marketable product and this is where the Lightweight.network comes in.

Rehau specialises in the development and production of polymer-based edge solutions and Hettich is a leading supplier of fittings. By combining their expertise, the three companies are now able to offer compatible solutions for fabricators who work with the new lightweight panels. Other suppliers wishing to join the group are welcome.

Lightweight panels and their advantages have been a topic of discussion at ZOW for a number of years and the organisers want to raise the profile of this technology in 2007. ZOW is to create a forum dedicated specifically to lightweight technology.

Panels and surfacing make the perfect marriage so it is fitting that we devote the remainder of this feature to the latest finish and design possibilities offered by a cross-section of the companies exhibiting.

Egger will be presenting numerous new and prototype decors with an emphasis on using uni colours and exotic woods to create interesting accents.

With these developments, Egger’s product manager Klaus Monhoff is reinforcing the trend towards more individuality. Egger expects to make a big impression at the fair with the exotic look on the one hand and with ‘naturalness’ on the other.

Klaus Monhoff: “If last year we were talking about the return of strong colours that needed to strike the right balance with wood, in the future we can look more towards the use of uni colours to create an accent”.

Among the Italian high pressure plastic laminate manufacturers is Puricelli. It has five factories with a production capacity of over 49 million m2/year. The product range comes in many types of materials in different colours and finishes suitable for the furniture and building industry. At ZOW, Puricelli will be highlighting Puriflex, a thin laminate for profiles and frames; Monoflex, a single layer of decorative impregnated and laminated paper; and Topflex, a two layer laminate deco paper for polymerisation, coupled within a special Kraft paper support.

Decotec Printing SA has, it says, developed a striking concept in presenting an array of new decors created by five young Spanish designers. The company was very successful at ZOW 2006, where it presented its Designer’s Collection, developed in collaboration with three well-known designers from Italy, Spain and France.

DEMA of Denmark will feature predominantly flat-veneered fascias aimed at the kitchen and bathroom industries. The company specialises in the sophisticated application of a variety of edgings by means of some of the most advanced machinery in Denmark. DEMA is shortly to move into new and larger premises, to meet demand.

This year Alpi SpA has decided to show ‘Ebony and Rosewood Santos’ in its Alpikord 2007 collection.

Further decorative items by Alpi will include multi-laminar woods with a phenolic support, abrasion and light resistance, all of which are ideal for any use, from rooms in the home to public and commercial spaces.

The Decospan group of companies claim to be the European market leader in wood veneered panels (particleboard, MDF, blockboards, plywood), which can be obtained either in standard sizes or cut-to-size.

These panels can be veneered with one of the 140 wood species in stock and can be obtained in three qualities: commercial, classic and architectural.

On show will be the company’s flexible veneer ‘Decoflex’ – a layer of veneer glued on a flexible backing. A special treatment gives it a flexibility which allows it to veneer bowed and curved objects.

Decorative Panels UK is exhibiting for the second time at ZOW and will be offering new foil designs and core substrates.

Newly appointed DP Lamination sales director Steve Cadwell says: “We got a very good response from architects, plus shop and interior fitters, last time around so we’ll be reacting to the needs of these markets with new foils in paler colours for corporate and commercial interiors.” DP will also show a high gloss foil that has been developed in conjunction with one of the company’s foil printers and suppliers.

BLP UK Ltd, manufacturer of cabinet doors and MDF profiles, is constantly working with foil producers to develop new ideas for its cabinet doors. Barry Berman, sales and marketing director for BLP, said: “We will demonstrate a number of door designs in new and innovative foils that show BLP’s capabilities from the UK and China factories.

“We want visitors to our stand to be inspired and to work with us on developing some fantastic new ranges of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture”.

Sysco, from western Austria, focuses on powder coating wood substrates. The company – established in September 2006 – has just built a treater plant with a view to offering powder coated parts to the furniture and wood based panel industry. At ZOW Sysco plans to show coated MDF parts in various surfaces, colours and sizes.

Sandvik Hindrichs-Auffermann, the producer of smooth and textured press plates and endless press belts, will be exhibiting new design trends and design technologies. A new sample collection for 2007 with a new layout will be available at the fair.