Anthon GmbH says it specialises in complex machines and plants for the panel processing industry and that China has been a key market for a long time. At this year’s WMF, it will present its ‘LNB 180’ saw, specially developed for Anthon’s Asian customers. The first five machines were delivered and installed in 2011 and further orders for 2012 are already secured.

The ‘LNB 180’ is available for building materials as well as for wood based material. All machine segments, such as feeding, sawing and de-stacking, take into account the special characteristics of various materials such as plaster- and fibre-boards, fibre-cement, mineral-fibre and wood-fibre insulating boards, says Anthon.

It adds that the ‘LNB 180’ offers an increased cutting height of 180mm and a saw blade diameter of 600mm, making it a perfect combination of an increased cutting height, coming close to the capacity of the Anthon LNC line (210mm), while keeping the compact and proven design of the LNB.

Anthon’s main emphasis is on panel sizing systems including feeding, stacking and sorting systems for a variety of materials. It also makes fully automatic robot-supported packing lines for the furniture industry and quality control vision systems.

Hall E2, Stand B23

Electronic Wood Systems

Electronic Wood Systems (EWS) says it will highlight proven performance in panel quality control and spark detection systems.

EWS’ latest quality control systems will be introduced. The German based company offers a wide range of online measurement systems and will highlight its three new blow detection systems: PLY-SCAN, BLOW-SCAN and CONTI-SOUND, as well as an advanced laboratory density profile analyser, DENSE-LAB, and a new generation of EWS spark detection systems.

“EWS supplied more than 150 spark detection systems and 150 measurement systems to Chinese MDF and particleboard factories during the past three years,the firm’s general manager, Hauke Kleinschmidt, says. “Due to this volume of supplies, EWS also provides professional technical service out of China.”

Hall E2, Stand B25

Berndorf Band

Berndorf Band is a regular exhibitor at WMF in Beijing. It says that the enormous quantity of Chinese plants coming into the market requires a higher response speed in service, such as better tools for faster repairs. “But in the Berndorf way: reliable, high quality and with costs adapted to the market,says the company.

During the Beijing Exhibition, Berndorf Band will present the newest tools available in its office in Beijing as well as new, redesigned software, the Belt Manager in Version 2.0, also available in the Chinese language, to help its customers to reach better efficiency and more productivity in their wood based presses.

Berndorf Band says it is always looking for new possibilities in service, saying the best example is the Berndorf Mobile Service Centre, which includes all the devices, tools and a place to give training at the customer’s site. The company says this provides the customer with all the necessary items for a high quality training while saving time and costs.

Hall E2, Stand C15


Dieffenbacher group is presenting its portfolio of production systems for wood panels at WMF. Together with its Chinese subsidiary, SWPM, Dieffenbacher says it will introduce especially its concepts for efficient and economic particleboard lines; the CPS continuous press and precise forming will be the main focus.

The CPS press has proven reliability and precision right from its introduction into the market, says the company. A special feature is its flexible adjustability with regard to changing product requirements.

A prerequisite for good board quality and reduced production cost is forming precision, says Dieffenbacher and it supplies two standard spreading systems: the Classiformer roller spreader for standard furniture boards made from fresh wood; and the wind former for top quality furniture boards which will be subsequently fed to direct painting lines.

In addition to this, Dieffenbacher offers the automation of complete panel plants, including energy systems, as the focal point.

Hall E2, Stand C08


At WMFair 2012, Firefly will present its new system generation EXIMIO. Firefly says it has been a leading provider of fire and dust explosion protection systems for 38 years. With the EXIMIO system, the company says it has now taken the next innovative step within this field.

Firefly announces that EXIMIO differentiates itself through the use of unique and patented technology, user-friendliness, lower total cost of ownership and a higher service level.

Hall E2, Stand C63


Holzma Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH will be focusing on its high-performance cutting systems for MDF. As general contractor, Holzma says it also supplies complete logistics systems for entire sanding lines.

The company’s expert, Norbert Diener comments: “In Beijing, we will be showcasing our expertise and experience – both in the area of manufacturing MDF panels and in a wider area of systems, for instance in the furniture industry.

Although our presentation concentrates on China, we will also be happy to comment on other projects throughout the world and to provide information on our range of standard machines.”

Holzma will also be presenting its proprietary simulation software, which it says guarantees a successful, customized system design. The saw manufacturer will also offer information about Cut Rite, a market-leading optimisation software.

Hall 3, Stand K21


GreCon, a technologically-leading supplier of fire and explosion prevention as well as in-line and laboratory measuring technology for the wood based panel industry, says it will present a variety of innovative products again during WMF 2012.

For the operation of spark extinguishing systems for fire and explosion prevention, it says a world first will be presented, which offers customers unsurpassed advantages regarding the usage, functionality and user guidance.

Also, the scope of service for laboratory measuring technology and laboratory analysis will be extended. The Gas Analyzer GA 5000 will determine, according to DIN EN 717-2, the formaldehyde emissions of wood based panels.

GreCon says it will gladly show visitors to the German Pavilion these and further innovations of the product range.

Hall E2, Stand B01


The Imal-Pal group says it is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of complete plants, equipment and systems for the production and processing of particleboard, MDF, OSB, insulation board, pellets and pallet blocks and is also able to offer a wide choice of high-tech proposals and flexibility to upgrade and modernise existing lines.

At this year’s edition of the WMF exhibition, Imal says special emphasis will be given to some highly innovative products, such as the DynaSteam, a system which is installed prior to the continuous press and which is able to increase production by as much as 40%.

Another innovative system which will be showcased for the first time in China is the high pressure resination system for particleboard production, with which Imal says it is possible to achieve resin savings of over 15% without impacting on board quality.

New on-line quality controls, laboratory equipment and spark detection systems will also be on show.

Hall E2, Stand D08


At WMF 2012, Imeas says it will highlight the benefits of using its SuperPerformance sanding machines, including high speed, thickness tolerance, reduced maintenance and the improved IMEAS Full Control System (FCS).

The patented and exclusive IMEAS FCS is designed to add more value to wood based panels and the company says it is the result of more than 10 years of continuous research and development, representing a technological milestone for the new generation of Imeas calibrating & sanding lines, as it gives the operators the perfect way to control the entire sanding process from a remote room: from the precise positioning of each working unit to the exchange of data with the production line.

The IMEAS Full Control System, combined with the proven SuperPerformance technology, is said to provide maximum control over the sanding process, an improved surface finish and minimal production costs through the optimisation of the working parameters. “A giant step ahead in the automatic control of wood based panel production lines,says Imeas.

Hall E2, Stand C70


Medite Europe Ltd, located in Clonmel, Ireland, the manufacturer of Medite, a leading European brand of MDF, recently installed two Metso Fiberboard Optimiser modules to optimise and control two Metso EVO 56 Defibrator systems.

Each of the modules controlled pre-steaming flow, retention time, pre-heater pressure and disc gap.

Each of the systems also targeted a certain mat height and minimum energy cost, based on defibrator electrical consumption, steam consumption and dryer energy consumption.

Metso says that specific energy consumption has reduced production costs by approximately 8% and is now trending toward 10-12%, while mat density variation is now in the range of +/-2 to 4%, which, Metso points out, is a significant reduction.

Hall E2, Stand C73

Modul Systeme

Modul Systeme is an independent engineering company providing technical services and equipment (new and secondhand) to the particleboard and fibreboard (MDF) industries, as well as for lamination lines for wood based panels.

Modul says another prime focal point is the modernisation of existing plants in order to increase capacity and improve quality. The solutions are tailored to the requirements of the customers, regardless of the age and type of the installation.

Modul Systeme has introduced a line of brand new standard and custom-designed glue preparation and dosing systems for panel plants. All these systems, from simple, single component stations up to multiple, networked stations, feature a maximum accuracy and reliability at an affordable price, says the company.

Modul Systeme further specialises in dosing bins and mixers for particleboard.

Hall E2, Stand B26


This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Sandvik Group as a whole and the company says it will use the WMF exhibition to highlight the value of the infrastructure that has been created over the years to support press belt customers throughout the wood based panel industry.

This includes in-house skills training, customer seminars, the QuickTools range of service tools for in-house use, and an on-the- ground support presence in more than 130 countries. With local service centres manned by engineers equipped with the very latest technology, Sandvik says it can ensure that downtime resulting from belt issues is kept to the absolute minimum.

Sandvik says it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality steel belts for the production of particleboard, MDF, OSB and coated boards and can supply belts up to 3.5 mm thick.

The company says this combination of stability, customer service and proven products will be summarised in a show theme of: ‘Reap the Benefit of Business Class Service’.

Hall E2, Stand B04


PAL srl of Italy manufactures machinery for the production of wood based panels and can supply complete turnkey plants for the processing of fresh and recycled wood for the manufacture of particleboard, MDF and OSB.

It also supplies solutions for the preparation and gluing of particles, together with the related control and electronic supervision systems.

It says the technology developed and fine-tuned by PAL starts from the receipt of the wood raw materials, through loading, grinding, refining and storing systems (employing different loading and extracting solutions), removal of pollutants of all kinds and shapes, classification, metering and gluing. It also prepares the wood particles in well-separated layers ready for the pressing process, which will yield high-quality panels.

At present the company has almost 4,650 machines operating worldwide.

Pal says it has already supplied many new cleaning systems in China and has 280 systems running worldwide.

Hall E2, Stand D08


Siempelkamp Maschinen-und Anlagenbau will be represented at the WM Fair again this year. Customers will be able to see Siempelkamp’s know-how in the field of complete plants and the latest hightechnology innovations.

The company offers complete plants for the wood based panel industry from woodyard up to packing systems. This complete package includes planning, engineering, manufacturing, installation and start-up as well as after-sales services.

Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll Generation 8 offers new pressure distribution plates and a higher number of cylinders. This ensures improved pressure distribution and opens up significant advantages in material savings, says the company. With the Ecoresinator powered by Schlick, Siempelkamp introduces a new MDF blending process which it claims will relieve the budget of plant operators, with resin savings of up to 15%.

These Siempelkamp developments have already been sold to several customers and Siempelkamp says their efficiency can be demonstrated by real-life results.

Hall E2, Stand B05


Shanghai Wood Based Panel Machinery Co Ltd (SWPM), a member of Dieffenbacher Group, says it is one of the largest wood based panel machinery manufacturers in Asia, mainly supplying complete roduction lines for MDF/HDF, short cycle laminating lines, HPL lines and various hot presses. Up to December 2011, SWPM had already supplied more than 300 complete multi-daylight MDF production lines for domestic and overseas customers.

The main focus for the fair will be on the 4ft ContiPlus continuous press. This product was specially developed to meet customer demands in the Asian countries. The first lines went on stream in 2009 and have since then successfully been producing wood based panels on a professional level. Up to December, SWPM had supplied 23 complete 4ft ContiPlus presses.

Hall E2, Stand C08


Steinemann Technology says it presents its customers and partners with its masterpieces from the Satos series. These it says are wide belt sanding machines that combine the most efficient and proven features from successful Steinemann sanders which have been installed in the market during the past 15 years. The modular and robust construction makes the Satos machines service friendly and highly efficient – and an attractive investment as well, says Steinemann.

Being aware of the real customer demands, the company says it provides its customers with an overall service. Manufacturers of MDF and particleboard benefit from a comprehensive service package: Next to high quality wide belt sanding machines, Steinemann claims an efficient spare parts service and also delivers high-quality paper-, polyester- and combi-segmented belts, which are also manufactured at Steinemann Shanghai. Around the world, a network of 18 sanding specialists is at customers’ disposal and provides advice for process optimisation.

Hall E2, Stand B65