Biele says it will introduce the hydraulic presses manufactured by Marzola, part of the Biele Group. Together with multi-daylight presses for various products, such as thin and compact laminates, plywood, veneering and more, it says it offers short cycle lamination presses giving very accurate positioning with high outputs.

Biele features Panel Repairing Systems (PRS) where, through Argos’ scanning technology, it makes fully-automated lines, allowing plywood manufacturers to save costs with quality and production high.

For the door industry, Biele offers a Door Frame Assembly System achieving eight frames/minute, with or without honeycomb.

Fully-automated outsorting for high speed lacquering lines, for full size boards or for parts, is another area where Biele offers a solution capable of removing and replacing B quality parts without interfering with the line’s flow.

Biele will also present the latest developments related to packing lines for flat-pack furniture, providing fully automated and fully integrated packaging lines, from the Box Erector Machine to the palletising section.

Measurement company Electronic Wood Systems, Germany, introduces its range, including three new blow detection systems based on ultrasonic inspection.

These three systems are ‘Ply-Scan’, specially designed for plywood inspection; ‘Blow-Scan’ for standard blow detection in particleboard, MDF and OSB lines and ‘Conti-Sound’ with new technology to analyse changes in panel properties.

EWS says Ply-Scan is a low-priced system providing blow/no-blow function only, visualising basic information, and is easy to operate. Blow- Scan and Conti-Sound include temperature compensation and provide no-load online calibration.

"Since the introduction of the new generation of blow detection systems at Ligna last year, 16 systems have been successfully put in operation in MDF, particleboard, OSB and plywood production lines," said Hauke Kleinsch-midt, general manager of EWS. EWS will also highlight the new non-contact board weight scale CONTI-SCALE X, based on x-ray technology; and the new DIMENSION-SCAN which can measure the dimensions of a finished board to minimize cutting scrap.

Flamex says it offers the original spark detection and extinguishing system as a cost-effective solution for the prevention of bag house fires and explosions. The system identifies and extinguishes a spark in a pneumatic duct within a fraction of a second, preventing it from entering filtration units and storage bins, where explosions and fires can occur.

Infrared detectors sense sparks being transported through ductwork to a dust collector. The system then triggers an extinguishing device downstream from the detectors and extinguishes the spark within a fraction of a second. The short spray time results in no downtime or clean-up. The system can also be programmed to activate other extinguishing agents, alarms, abort gates and equipment shut-down.

Currently in its fifth generation, Flamex says the system has been continually improved to incorporate the latest advances in technology. Flamex is Factory Mutual approved and installed in thousands of facilities across North America, says the company.

Dieffenbacher will focus on energy-saving technologies, current developments in its press, energy plants/dryers and the Colorizer digital printing system.

The company says it is attending IWF with its expanded US team and its own production site in Alpharetta, providing services to American customers in energy and drying in particular.

For the furniture industry there will be the unique new Colorizer digital direct panel printing system. Dieffenbacher says this is a concept that can rival conventional roller and paper printing methods in quality and production costs. "It is the first time that fully automated large format digital printing – complete with a coordinated coating system – has been viable on an industrial scale and with a high degree of reproduction quality."

The new 10in colour display with multi-touch functions on GreCon’s spark detection systems is said to enable rapid call-up of information in an intuitive way. Alarm and other data can be displayed by direct selection. Complete process flow sheets can be represented on the display and current alarms can be examined by zooming in on the area of the diagram.

Optional features include Internet connectivity, SMS/email transmission and printer connection. When an alarm event occurs, detailed information can be sent to cell phones, computers, tablets or smart phones using SMS or email.

GreCon says it is the first to integrate multi-touch colour displays into spark detection systems which detect/extinguish sparks and embers in dust collection systems without interrupting production.

Imal-Pal group
Imal-Pal group, manufacturer of equipment to produce wood based panels, says it has designed numerous innovations to reduce manufacturer production costs and increase productivity, in addition to diversifying its production to include a new continuous press (Dynasteampress), one of which has been supplied together with a complete Italian OSB plant.

Among the innovations that will be showcased at IWF is the DynaSteam, much like a small pre-press which is placed at the infeed to MDF, particleboard or OSB continuous presses.

Another innovation, designed to cut costs, is the high pressure resination system for particleboard, OSB and MDF, which is claimed to reduce resin addition rates by 10-25%.

Another major innovation is the world’s first total bond/blister classifier, capable of detecting flaws over the whole panel and not just in 16 or 20 zones, making it a true revolution in on-the-line quality control, says Imal-Pal.

PAL srl
PAL srl, part of the Imal-Pal Group, manufactures machinery for the production of wood based panels. "Thanks to our experience, and intensive activity in our R&D department, we have been working to increase the quality of the final composite panel while reducing the cost of production," says the company.

Pal says it pays great attention to particle preparation in wet and dry areas, for fresh and recycled wood; In strict synergy with sister company Imal, the Imal-Pal group can offer new/expansion/modification plants for particleboard, MDF, OSB, biomass, pellet, pallet blocks and insulation board.

"Thanks to our local contact worldwide we are able to meet the needs of our clients with reduced times and tailored solutions," says Pal. "At present we can count on a range of 4,665 machines operating worldwide."

Siempelkamp says that it now offers complete front-end technology, press technology and surface finishing.

It offers drum flakers, drum chippers and knife-ring flakers. Screening/separating units have oscillating, disc and roller screens. For intermediate particle storage, bunker and silo installations are offered.

Ecoresinator has special nozzle technology by Schlick and the use of superheated steam. Customers can save up to 15% in resin compared to a blowline, says Siempelkamp.

The company’s ContiRoll Generation 8 press has a new concept for the pressure distribution plates and more cylinders. Improved pressure distribution inside the press results in material savings of up to 15%, it says. As an add-on package, due to the new pull-back cylinders at the upper platen, light boards of under 500kg/m³ can be made.

Siempelkamp has also developed a new multi-piston design for the KT700 short-cycle press. The cylinders are arranged in rows of three or more inside the frame opening and this it says, with adapted control technology, provides optimal pressure distribution.

Vits says it is a global market leader for impregnation lines and that its team of experienced process technicians, chemists and application engineers is ready to help from start to finish.

More than 900 Vits-lines are in production around the world.

For each type of impregnated product, Vits says it offers the best solution: From low- and high-end furniture foils through to abrasion-resistant melamine floors, high-end worktops or weather-resistant exterior compact cladding.

Together with its partner companies Deurowood and IFA, Vits says it offers a new dimension in packaged impregnation technology: Deurowood supplies chemistry exactly matched to the particular impregnation process, while IFA manufactures fully-automatic resin weighing, metering and mixing kitchens so vital to the continuity of the process.

Coupled with its state-of-the-art equipment, Vits says these synergies give the customer an unmatched performance and profitability.