We are looking at capacity utilisation rates of a very high order and that has to mean good news on prices. Certainly most of western Europe has reported better prices recently.The world MDF industry has waited a long time for a return to reasonable levels of profitability and, according to our survey, that is now happening.
Of course, the problem comes when several MDF manufacturers simultaneously see that as an opportunity to expand capacity and suddenly supply exceeds demand, again, with the all-too-familiar consequences for prices.
Demand undoubtedly continues to grow. The important question is, in balancing supply against demand, will supply match or exceed that growth? Only the MDF mill owners hold the answer to that one.
If you are making MDF outside Europe and North America, I sincerely hope you will assist us in our survey for part ll by completing our questionnaire. Contact details are on page 12 and the questionnaire can be found on our dedicated website www.intermark.fsnet.co.uk.