World furniture consumption increases by 35%

10 December 2015

According to figures from the Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL), world furniture consumption amounts to US$455bn, growing year after year since 2009. The total increase was in the range of 35% (in current dollars).

This was due to all the main demand determinants: urban population, GDP per capita and investment in construction. All of them were growing globally in the last few years.

As expected different performances were registered across countries. As a consequence furniture consumption growth changes considerably across different areas.

CSIL forecasts for 2016 are said to be positive both for furniture consumption and the world trade. This confirms the global dimension of the furniture sector and the existence of a playing field where companies can compete strengthening their present advantages and working into the direction of further development.

The new edition of the CSIL report 'World furniture outlook 2016' is now available