Sonae Industria’s 2017 sales results down 4.1% compared to previous year

20 April 2018

Consolidated sales turnover of Sonae Industria, manufacturer of engineered wood products, reached €231.0m in 2017, a reduction of €9.9m (-4.1%) compared to 2016.

The reduction in sales was primarily driven by lower sales volumes in North American business, which more than offset the increase in average selling prices in the Canadian market, but also by lower sales to the Nordic markets by the Laminates & Components business in the second half of the year.

EBITDA in 2017 reached €38.1m, marginally below 2016 (- 0.7%), driven by a lower contribution from the North American business, affected by the higher chemical costs and lower sales volumes. However, the 2017 Recurrent EBITDA margin reached 16.5%, up by 0.6pp compared to 2016.

Net results for 2017 were positive €15.3m, an improvement of 39.1% when compared to the EUR €11.0m of 2016.